Fitted bed sheets with closure and blankets are something that makes a certain fashion statement, or kind of bedroom style in its way, lets take an example of a hotel bedroom. It gives a luxury, and royal look, right? For this reason, printed fitted sheet bed sheets are often preferred for certain occasions like; newly married couple bedroom, for Christmas, and other occasions.

Recently I learned that fitted sheets can also be made from flat sheets, but how? let’s go through the guide discussed below;

Making fitted Sheet Out of Flat Sheet


First, let’s measure the mattress;

If the width of your mattress should be 40’ + 8” height (of both sides = 16” ) + 8” extra (4” on each side to go under) + 1” for hemming on both sides + 4” extra as a fitted cotton sheet is 70”.

If your fitted sheet is cotton, then you’ll need to add a few extra inches (4” ) to measurement or use a stretchy cloth.

Let’s come to another mattress, the length of which is 76” + 8” height (of both sides – 16” ) + 8” extra (4” on each side to go under) + 4” extra if a fitted sheet is 106”.

Here we making a fitted sheet out of a cotton flat sheet. The flat sheet is usually not big enough according to the measurement we just took, so we might need to add the extra cloth. The width of the flat sheet is 54” so you will need 16” more cloth, the length of which will be 88”. Add an 8” wide extra strip of cloth to both long sides and 8 ½ “ wide strips of cloth on short sides.

Now, let’s make triangles out of corners, and make a triangle on all corners. Measure 13” across (if you m actress height is 8” + 4” to go under + 1” for hemming).

Now mark and dew. Cut off all the triangles. Run a zigzag stitch or hem the edge where the triangle was, the measure all around the edge.

Take a ¼” elastic that is ½ the length of edge measurement, sew together both ends of elastic securely. Run the machine on the same spot a few times back and forth.

Now, encase the elastic all around the edge of the cloth,  and here the fitted sheet is ready. Though we can’t conclude it as a final, proper solution, at least, an alternate can be best to consider for a temporary solution in case of quick need.

Do you know why hotels use white cotton fitted sheets? Due to the following reasons;

Reasons For Using White Fitted Sheets

  • It lets your skin breathe – the light cotton fitted sheet allows your skin to breathe. It’s shrouded in pores that deliver sweat, and this requirements to head off to someplace, ideally not caught in the sheets with you… net. Cotton is a characteristic texture that is breathable
  • It keeps you sweat-free – The dampness retaining properties will keep you new and dry for the duration of the evening. This texture will absorb perspire and permit it to vanish which keeps you overall quite cool
  • It is hypoallergenic – Organic cotton is normally hypoallergenic, which permits inns to be obliging for visitors that endure with sensitivities
  • It’s a fantasy to keep clean – The low support and simple consideration of this material make it very simple for inns to keep on top of.

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