Printed fitted sheet with elastic


The Wrinkleless Surface- Add Plain Or Printed Fitted Sheet Bed Sheet

Tie knots on the corner of the bedsheet for a great fit and stiff grip. It is an old and unwanted way to get an even bedsheet surface. Difficult to do and also damages the corners of your bedsheet. Tooba textile introduces a unique and smart way to fit the bedsheet on your bed. Get creaseless surface by Printed fitted sheet bed sheet to give an excellent fit to your bed. The fitted sheet comprises 100% pure cotton material and is double stitched to get high durability and strength. The extraordinary elasticity of the bedsheet holds your bed tightly and gives a smooth surface of your bed. The attractive prints of the fitted sheet add a new shine to your room. Moreover, the elastic corners give good elasticity, which adds style and elegance to the overall look. The prices we offer and the quality we provide our customers are unmatchable in the textile market.


Tooba textile manufactures high-quality fitted bedsheets, either printed or plain (single color). They are widely used in commercial usages like hotels and other daily domestic usages. Our high threaded single color bedsheets are used in 4 and 5star hotels because of their smooth, bright, and elegant room look. Moreover, our dyed and printed fabrics are mostly used in homes. We offer a great range of fitted bedsheet sizes from a single bed to a king-size bed.

Future usage:

After a few years, when you get bored with your bedsheet, you can use it as the bedsheet cover under the other bedsheets. Fitted sheets, also called bottom sheets, traditionally. We change the trend by Printed fitted sheet bed sheet range. You can use it as top sheets.

It can be an excellent sofa cover due to the elastic corners of the bedsheet. It provides your sofa set a completely new, bright look. Other seating options like bean bag chairs or sofa-cum-bed, etc., can have a fresh look by covering them with Printed fitted sheet bed sheet.

Moreover, if our customer requires, we can manufacture the customized bedsheet made fitted sheet to give giant decorative ornament of your bedroom. We only use high-quality elastic for our sheets, double stitches, and rich sheet fabric quality.
Buy now! Give an attractive and smooth look to your bedroom.