Kitchen cloths are a vital part of the utensil essential for a hygienic and well-achieved dining formation. So, to have a good Cotton Printed Kitchen Towel is the basic need for every kitchen. These towels are helpful for multiple purposes. Whether you want to cook, serve food, or clean the kitchen, this kitchen towel plays a vital role. But what fabric or towel to use? It is a big question which people with struggle usually. Thes best cloth is cotton as it is environmentally friendly as well as durable.

Some towels demand different washing and, this is because they come into contact with germs and are not appropriate in other areas of the kitchen or dining area. Easily recognizable clothes help with the washing and prevent potentially serious mistakes. So, here is how to wash and dry thee towels, along with some of the benefits of using these cotton printed kitchen towel.

Cotton kitchen towels benefits 

Towels are a vital element in the kitchen. Cooking creates a lot of mess and cleaning so, and you always require a piece of cloth or towel to clean nearby quickly. In this case, Cotton kitchen towels are one of the ideal eco-friendly options. Some of the benefits of using these towels are:

  • Cotton kitchen towels are an environmentally friendly substitute for paper towels. They can be used numerous times and washed easily.
  • Also, they help to reduce the deforestation rate. At the present moment, this is a substantial environmental problem. Every hour, people cut up to 4500 lands of trees by pangas, influential machinery, and forest fires.
  • Cotton is a biodegradable, renewable, and recyclable material. It does not require any harsh chemicals during its production, as different from other fibers, which are petroleum-based.
  • There is one item you want to take care of when purchasing cotton kitchen towels. Is that it is organic or not.


There are specific ways to use or wash a towel as they are gentle to handle.

  • It is good to wash kitchen towels with hands rather than a machine. Also, try to wash it in lukewarm water. Do not wash it with too cold or too hot water and if you prefer a washing machine, then ensure that you wash it gently.
  • Use a gentle cleanser for washing cotton kitchen towels. Ivory snow powder, Safewash, Gentle, and Ezee are suitable for safe washing. Also, go for the bleach-free cleaner for colored cotton.
  • You can bleach your white linen cotton with oxygen bleaches containing hydrogen peroxide for extra life and look. In the last washing, you can also use the cream rinse for your hair for extra sheen.
  • Go for the additional rinse cycle if your kitchen towel is filthy and you have used a good amount of cleanser to clean them.

Drying Linen

If you use the dry machine method, then use a half-drying cycle. It will allow the cloth to be a little damp and not become brittle after complete drying. Also, it will get fewer wrinkles in wet situations. You can dry it naturally in the air or under the sun.

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