Cotton Printed Kitchen Towel


Buy Pure Cotton Printed Kitchen Towel Set

Tooba textile manufactures and exports varieties of cotton kitchen towels. There are different purposes of kitchen towels, widely used for cleaning or drying hands while cooking, for holding hot utensils, or for cleaning the kitchen. For any purpose, the kitchen towel must be of good quality, not slippery, and have good absorbency. You can also found a kitchen towel beside the kitchen hand-wash area and on the dining table.

Click here! Find cotton printed kitchen towel varieties and other types of kitchen towel set. Buy kitchen towel set with new, amazing designs and with striking colors. We also supply kitchen towels as per clients’ requirements and extra finishing like artwork, embroidery, and printing. This uniqueness of our kitchen towels enhances the elegance of your kitchen. Our kitchen towel sets are made in print, dobby, embroidery, and jacquard for an attractive and decorative look for your kitchen. We never compromise with the quality of towels, as it’s all about your hygiene. We only use quality first-grade cotton yarn. We provide large designs and colors range with 100% ease and comfort, available on our online store.

Features of Cotton Kitchen Towel:

Tooba textile provides you wide range of kitchen towels. From the Cotton Printed Kitchen Towel to the cotton kitchen table towel, buy high-quality cotton towels for your daily use. We provide our customers with 100% organic cotton kitchen towels in all colors, sizes, fabric types and, design, and printing options. Our kitchen towels supplement kitchen aesthetics and increase the quality of work. Our towel products are tested for colorfastness and strong fabric.

  • High absorbency
  • High durability
  • Pure cotton yarn
  • Modern technical machines
  • High thread count
  • Wash-friendly
  • colorfastness
  • Soft in feel
  • Double stitching
  • Light and flexible
  • GOTS Certified pure cotton kitchen towels


  • Stripe
  • Printed
  • Check
  • Embroidered
  • Plain color
  • Customized according to kitchen interior


  • ¬†Plain weave
  • Twill weave
  • Jacquard weave

How To Wash Kitchen Towels

With frequent kitchen use, nobody wants kitchen towels to get dingy, sticky, or smelly. To fight against fungus and contamination, it’s very important to follow a careful procedure while cleaning your kitchen towels. You have to get dirt and food particles off your towels. We are providing you some tips to follow for the durability of kitchen towels.

1. Allow Air Dry

In the washing hamper bottom, your wet, dirty kitchen towels get stinky and the risk of infecting other items is high. Before starting its wash cycle, you should hang it out in the air. This keeps your kitchen towel in top condition.

2. Do not use fabric softener

You want a comprehensive cleaning when you use any towels for purposes of deep cleaning and drying. Fabric softener losses the kitchen towels’ potency as it creates a barrier on the towel fibers. This reduces the ability of absorbance so skip fabric softener in your kitchen towels cleaning process.

3. Zero Odors with Vinegar

Due to frequent and different uses, kitchen towel becomes stinky. You need vinegar to kill out the bad odors of the towel. Otherwise, your kitchen gets smelly because of a dirty, stinky kitchen towel.

4. Pick a Hot Water Setting

Heat is the best friend when it comes to removing bacteria. Set your washing cycle water to a hot container cleanse towels thoroughly. As a whole day, your kitchen towels go through a lot so a heavy-duty wash process is appropriate.

5. Wash Single-handedly

The table cloths, kitchen napkins, aprons, and towels, all get clean and dry at a different level. It is best to wash the kitchen towel in a separate laundry load. To keep the kitchen, towel fresh and long-lasting, wash them separately.

Tooba textile’s towels are strong, durable, flexible, and versatile. You can note these tips for better usage. you can place your order easily on the of your favorite kitchen towel and you can order different embroidery or printed kitchen towels.