People usually do not prefer to use hand towels in workplaces, but the paper hand towel is very popular and considered the best hand towel in USA. They ensure that the employees are protected from infections and diseases.

Some companies that do not pay attention to their washroom environment get sick, and an infection quickly spread among them. As a result, the company’s working efficiency is affected, and employees cannot work correctly in that environment.

Now imagine what we can do to increase the proficiency and the company’s value. It is essential to take care of your washroom hygiene. The health experts have extensively promoted the encouragement for regular hand washing.

These paper hand towels are very common to protect the employees from the standard flue and cold and play a vital role in the company’s hygiene.¬† Every individual thinks that if they clean hands with water, scrub, and soap is enough to protect their hands from germs, they miss an essential step of washing hands that is hand drying. It is necessary to dry hands through a proper hand drying method.

Importance of paper hand towel

Hand hygiene plays an essential role these days as it is the primary cause of the spreading of the coronavirus.  They are strictly used places like schools, care homes, and hospitals. Also, they are used in every workplace where there are multiple employees.

So, to minimize the spread of germs, these paper towels are essential. The bacteria and viruses are reduced at the office, from the door handle to printers and computer keyboards, with the help of a proper drying method. We need to keep these places clean and avoid it in the first instance with good hand hygiene. So, it shows the effectiveness of hand dryings highly necessary these days.

Dryer vs. Paper hand towels?

Usually, people get confused about which one is better, dryer or paper towel. Bacteria easily spread on wet hands and get a transfer and through dryers as compare to paper towels. There are different paper towels and dryer pros and cons that distinguish them from each other. Let’s look at the difference between both of them

  • Paper Towels Eliminate Residual Moisture and Germs
  • Paper towels are less time-consuming and noise-free, unlike dryers which create a lot of noise and are time-consuming.
  • Paper Hand Towels tend to be much more expensive than dryers. Dryers are durable and last for a more extended period as compare to paper towels.
  • Paper towel mostly comes from trees like bamboo grass, so they left carbon footprint unlike dryers with a tinier carbon footprint.
  • These days there is a recyclable paper towel which is beneficial to use and is more preferred in offices.
  • The paper towels are multifunctional. They are used in various works in offices such as for your staff canteen, your catering kitchen or a public restroom for employees and visitors on your premises

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