Hand towel


An Essential Bathroom Accessory- Buy a Hand Towel

When you call for bathroom accessories, a hand towel is one of the necessary products in daily use. It has significant usage of drying hands and face after every wash. Tooba textile hand towels manufacturer is known as one of the quality hand towel manufacturers. Our hand towels are made up of 100% pure cotton, have high durability, strength, and high absorbency. We provide a wide range of hand towels. You can match towels to your existing room or bathroom décor to create an elegant, modern look. It looks chic when you have a high-quality, clean towel set hanged on the bathroom wall. You should add a stylish and durable towel holder that matches with your towel and bathroom interior. You can search for different websites of the best hand towel manufacturers in the USA to get an idea of modern designs and market rates.

Tooba textile is providing a wide range of colors, designs, prints, and sizes of towels. Our complete towel range is made up of pure cotton, give a soft touch and great feel. Our high absorbent towels are super flexible, adaptable for frequently daily usage. These are light in weight and bendable, which is convenient for traveling. Alike the best hand towel in USA manufacture, our towels also provide you with the best evaluate strength, high-absorbency, colorfastness, and easy to wash with the benefits of pure cotton.

Creative Usage and Benefits:

Our hand towel and other towel range have different GSM range that provides you high quality. We are ranked as one of the best hand towel manufacturers. A compromise with the quality of towels is impossible in Tooba Textiles. We always do multiple checks of the threads’ quality and thread count, double stitching tec. After several washes, our supreme quality towel keeps the shade intact, and the quality remains the same.

Table mat:

You can also use our printed or border embroidered as a dining table mat. Moreover, the hand towels are soft and flexible. You can fold it in various ways and place it on the table as a napkin.

Dish Towels:

Old hand towels may not work well for drying you, but still, they work perfectly for good drying dishes. You need to cut into small dishtowel sizes and hem their edges. They soak the water up well while drying dishes.

Soft slippers:

It is one of the most creative and intelligent ideas to use a hand towel. You can order the set of a towel at a discounted rate. Take your old slipper to size, cut accordingly, stitch the upper part of your soft slipper. This towel slipper is terrific for winter.