Many towels for beauty salons, nail salons, hair salons, tanning salons, and spas. Because sizes, materials, and features vary extensively from brand to brand, it can be challenging to know which type of saloon towel is the right for your salon. Most likely, you’ll want a few diverse kinds of towels at various places around your salon. Below are the most common towel types found in hairdressers’ shops and some mistakes people make with these towels.

Types of saloon towels

Here is a saloon types towel list that is highly beneficial for various purposes like hair wash, face wash, hand wash, and other things. Let’s look at the different types of this towel and then decide which one is best for your saloon.


Cotton towels are divided into two categories 100% cotton and cotton blends. Though pure cotton lines bid better absorbency and robustness, cotton blends retain their shape over a more prolonged period. Overall, cotton cloths are the most widespread choice in salons. But be cautious of poorly manufactured, cheap cotton towels. Reliable Sellers will never use secondhand cotton that outcomes in less permeability and short lifecycles.


Decent color-safe linens are washable towels, which you can wash in hot water and bleach, ensuring no color fading. These color-safe towels have high vibrancy. So, if you want to check the bleachability of the towel, then add blend into the water and then wash it after a while. If it doesn’t fade, it means it is a genuine towel.


Microfiber towels are enduring, more vigorous, and ultra-absorbent linked to regular cotton linens. This more excellent material is also stain-free and rapid drying, chemical-resistant, and will not shrink. These versatile towels are super-soft and beneficial at numerous salon places.


The finest bleach-safe towels are resilient to bleach, peroxide, chlorine, dyes, acetone, and other harsh salon chemicals. These linens are bleach safe and never lose their color, which shows that they are not only rugged and robust, but they are also stain-resistant and super-soft to keep customers comfortable.


These types of salon paper towels are present in two and three-ply thicknesses. Accessible with both surfaced and smooth exteriors, disposable paper towels can rapidly clean up spills, squishes, and drips without doing more washing.

Mistakes people make while using saloon towels

  • They mix the chemicals and non-chemical saloon or bath towel because of which the non-chemical one will have a spotty appearance and fade its color.
  • Always use the towel properly. Professionally frequently use these towels daily, requiring proper maintenance and washing not to stain and smell bad.
  • The appropriate detergent can support towels to last longer and execute better. Oxi-style cleaners are a great way to boost washing power without harsh cleaners and additives. The addition of the fabric softens these towels and prevents towels from absorbing water properly. Reach out to your towel creator or supplier to control which cleaner is suggested for each type of towel in your salon.

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