Running a salon business though sounds very interesting, prolific, and enthusiastic! I heard many women saying; what’s so difficult in that, just make an eyebrow with threads, you earn 500 a day, or if you good makeover orders, or just a refreshing appointment, then you can earn a good amount of money within a day, and if you get good makeover orders on a festive occasion, or wedding, then it’s so money-making

Though it sounds good, the more interesting and easier anything sounds, in actual the more challenging it is inside depending on how you plan, and run your business. A single mistake or flaw in service is enough to lose a big clientele! So We as beauty experts have to be extra careful even regarding the use of salon towels.

Many women come to us for steaming, hair wash, and facial, etc. in which we need towels, so there are some best guidelines for choosing quality saloon towel

How to Pick the best salon towel?

A quality towel for any salon is a must to have, no matter to which scale it belongs; medium scale business, low, or high scale – reputable name. I have observed many salon owners don’t pay much heed to this matter, and end up buying the wrong towels for their business.

So here are few basic tips you must consider for a quality saloon towel

Right Material

The right material is an essential factor to consider while buying saloon towels. If you consider cotton towels are classified into two: cotton blends and pure cotton

the pure cotton towels have preferable retentiveness and solidness over cotton mixes. Notwithstanding, cotton mixes are better as far as keeping up their shape over a more extended period. On the off chance that you need to cop super permeable, dependable, tough salon towels, consider going for microfiber.

Thread Quality

While looking for the best salon towel, pick one with excellent weave density, and the lowest amount of lint. This ensures your saloon towels are in good shape and won’t wear out quickly

On other hand, the low-quality towels thin out quickly and are highly susceptible to holes as well. In other words, get a towel with an incredible thread quality, so it will be durable for a long time

Suitable Size

The size depends on your use and stations in your salon. However, towels for hair wash and nail art are usually smaller in size as compared to a towel for facial uses.

Also, remember that size of cotton-made towels easily shrink in the wash. After the first wash, cotton towels usually shrink around 10% in size.


Apply cleanser while cleaning the client’s face. Instead of washing their face immediately, cover their face with a cotton face towel under hot water, then wring it out.

Place the hot face towel on their face and keep it for some time, doing this steams the cleanser into your client’s skin pores. When it starts getting calm, just wipe away the face cleanser.

After completing this, your client will experience three amazing changes

  • Proficient, when you are in a flood a face towel is noteworthy for an ideal cleaning as it will get and wick off the dirt from your skin more viably than your hands and running water.
  • Stunning skin, since it delicately strips the skin, the outside of the surface when supple eliminates dead skin cells from an outer point of view of the skin.
  • More clear and smoother skin, since this ordinary delicate, gives you unclogged pores, or flaky skin so reasonably!

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