Towels come in a range of outlines and sizes liable on the nature of end-use. A towel is a simple piece of fabric for a layman, and there is no variance between a beach and a bath towel. Though, it is exciting to know the essential differences between various towels and their precise uses. Here are some of the towels that are made from different materials by towel manufacturing Companies for other purposes:

Different Types Of Raw Materials Used For Towels

A towel manufacturing Company supplies different types of towels composed of other fabrics. Some of the primary material used in the towel includes:

  • Cotton
  • Bamboo
  • Lyocell
  • Cotton Polyester Blend
  • Linen
  • Synthetic Microfibers

Types of towels

·         Bath Towel

Bath towels are more oversized towels meant for drying up after a bath. They are typically 27-30 inches wide-ranging and 52-58 inches long. These towels are mostly composed of cotton, which is one of the most durable fabrics. It is also essential to sleect the fabric quality before buying a bath towel as the low-quality fabric can cause skin irritation.  These towels are known for their softness, durability, absorbency, and colorfastness.

·         Face Towel

A face towel is a compact size towel around the hand’s width used for drying and washing up the face. These four-sided towels measure 12 inches x12 inches and are soft and plush. They are casually valuable for hotels and wellness or medicinal services. If you want a face towel with high absorbency, microfiber face towels are an outstanding choice.

·         Hand Towel

Bigger than face towels, they are helpful in kitchens or bathrooms. Their size comprises 16 inches wide and 30 inches long. They originate in resilient fabrics. Moreover, for a good hand towel, you can go for Turkish cotton or Bamboo blends.

·         Finger Towel

Finger towels are somewhat smaller in size than hand towels. These towels are 11 inches wide and 18 inches long. These smooth versions are usually for guests. They can be created in attractive shapes, carried along with the finger bowl, or accessible in cleaning services after meals. They are accessible in a wide variety of materials, including linen.

·         Beach Towel

Beach towels are more significant, more colorful, and longer than bath towels mainly because of the very environment of the beach. They are robust because they cover sunlight, chlorine, seawater, salt, and sand. The resources used in beach towels are resilient to sand, stains, and smell. Remarkably, beach towels also have a diverse material arrangement on both sides. One side is more absorbent, and the other side is considered not to get damp and stopped up with the sand.

·         Sports towels

They are composed for swimmers and various to possess high absorbing and quick-drying properties. Also, it is composed of cotton or microfibers and is lightweight and dense. They are also mild and soft on the skin.

·         Salon Towel

Salon towels are helpful for all kinds of salon salon can provide services to hairs, beauty, spa, or nails without them. Salon towels should be durable, bleach-proof, and color safe as salons require chemical products.

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