100% Cotton Face Towel


Find A Fantastic Set Of Soft Cotton Face Towels Packs

Tooba textile is a great face towel supplier, supply all over the world. We are providing our services and products for more than 20 years. Quality, trust, and excellence are the keys to our industry. We aim to provide high-quality premium cotton products at competitive market prices. Offer different sales and discount packages for our customers. We hope that our excellent cotton fabric products inspire the textile business in 2020. We want to make our textile source easily.

Are you looking for a face towel supplier to import high-quality products in bulk? Or want to buy few towels for your daily home-use. YOU ARE AT RIGHT PLACE. Tooba textile is offering a supreme quality cotton towel range at a fantastic price. BUY multiple sets of your choice of 100% pure cotton towels at discount rates. We provide an enormous range of textile products such as soft cotton face towels, hand towels, kitchen towels, bath towels, pure cotton towels to suit customers’ tastes or fit the versatile usage and large purchasing needs. Browse our wide varieties of high-quality products offered by verified fabric manufacturers & suppliers.

Unique Theme Towels At Attractive Prices From ToobaTextile

Toobatextile offers a high-class towels range available on the online site. Select from an extensive array of face towels, bath towels, small hand towels, large pool towels, and many more. All our towels are available in rich materials like cotton, attractive colors, delicate texture, and knitted designs to make customers comfortable using them. Be it straight, designed, jacquard, printed, embroidered, or just knitted, there is a towel available for all at toobatextile.com.

We host a great range of pocket-friendly cotton towels at reasonable prices, along with great offers, discounts, and easy delivery options. So, gift yourself a comfy after-wash or after-bath experience by ordering soft, warm, and comfortable towels.

Cotton Bath Towels

Bring the superfluity spa experience to your home with our thick, fluffy soft, and super absorbent cotton towels. We make cotton towels out of 100% pure cotton fabric.

Soft Natural Feel

The towels’ construction always affects how long a towel can last and how comfy it feels on the skin. The combing cotton yarns process eliminates bacteria and debris. The resulting cotton towel is robust and high absorbent, super soft, warm, and has reduced pilling.

Hotel Luxury

Our super plush and ultra-absorbent premium cotton towels feel extra luxurious due to high thread counts. They offer soft, consistent, outstanding performance, and a comfortable feel without being heavy. Our soft cotton face towels are one of them, as they are soft, small, high absorbent, attractive design and colorful, flexible, and easy to travel, use, and dry.

Absorbent And Fast Drying

Longer loops in the towels’ manufacturing give the cotton towels a luxurious fluffy soft feel, warm and comfortable. All of our products have excellent absorbance ability, easy to use, and fast-drying.

Why Keeping The Face Towels Fresh Is Essential?

You all need fluffy and spongy face towels as best for delicate skin. After a few wash cycles, usually face towel supplier becomes hard and faded due to frequent usage and low fabric quality. Tooba textile is providing you the best as IT IS ALL ABOUT YOUR SKIN. Cleaning and keeping the towel clean and fresh is essential; it keeps bacteria away, reduces acne, and brings healthy skin. We provide bendable best quality face towels you can keep in your bag while traveling.

Tips To Keep Soft Cotton Face Towels Fresh:

  • Always read the labels of the manufacturer before washing your cotton face towels. You can wash our towels with simple liquid detergent.
  • Use little vinegar with rose water on fresh face towels to avoid the smell.
  • Always wash separately from other garments as face towels are small and soft.
  • Air-dry before next use to prevent bacteria growth.